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Cable Clips

Snap Clip the brand for your cable clips requirements based at Bangalore – India. We carefully and cautiously measure the Nail Penetration Depth, total Nail Length while manufacturing the snap clip it is made of durable polyethylene construction with UV stabilized material. Holds single coax line.

What is a Cable Clip?

A cable clip is a tool or device that manages wires and cables and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling or floor.

More about Snap Cable Clips

Starting with a modest beginning in the year 2015 we manufacture and supply the best grade raw material and innovate techniques by our professionals. Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) snap clip by the brand owners of snap lock cable tie manufacturers.

Industrial Applications

Cables are crucial in this highly technological day and age. A wide series of cable clips is available to control cables of all sizes and shapes, in almost any number, in both household and industrial applications.

Household Applications

On an average every house hold, industry, company has cables running between televisions sets, DVD players, desktop computers, speakers, video projectors, machines, instruments.

Enables Various Functions

Their main role is to enable functions like communication, signal broadcast, and instrumentation and control, and is essential components of transmission devices, multi-point and single-ended networks, and converters and repeaters.

Two Mechanisms

Generally a cable clip comprises of two important components, one mechanism for gathering cables together securely and another provision for holding the entire cable clip (along with the gathered cables) fast against a single spot on a surface so that the entire bundle stays in a place. These two mechanisms come separately but combining them will provide better utility and a number of advantages.

Various Types and Sizes

These are available in various sizes: 4mm to 25 mm.

And in three different types:

  • Type 1: Baton oval.
  • Type 2: Baton Round.
  • Type 3: Baton Flat.

Vast usage in Industrial Sites

And in industrial sites, cables are necessary for a wide range of markets: like electrical, factory automation, natural gas production, steel, refining and petrochemical, paint, pulp and paper, wind, power and solar power generation.

To keep them in tact, organized and out of the way to prevent interruptions and obstructions and  the best way to keep numerous and lengthy cables in order, in any space, is to utilize a Snap clip(cable clip).

The clips include the nail that is suitable for wood, plaster, sealant ,mortar and concrete.

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