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Cable Ties

Cable ties works as an element of bonding and placing things to a uniform and keep them intact. It acts a firm grip in holding objects, articles and supports in constructions, models, decorations etc.

What is a Cable Tie?

Cable ties are molded with nylon 66 material and is available in variety of sizes and colors. Basically the properties of nylon 66 like the stiffness, strength, high mechanical damping ability and exceptional wear resistance gives a complete substance in molding a cable tie.

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They are constructed with a robust nylon polyaimide which makes them suitable for both inside and outside uses. It also has an UV coating for resistance in weather as it is used in indoor as well as outdoors. As it has vast applications manufacturers have started developing an extensive range of specialist and colored cable ties.

Daily Life Applications

Its vast applications are multifold in our daily life from engineering,constructions, electrical, horticulture, telecommunicative to the basic home need applications like hangers, curtain holders, loops for pot hangings etc.

Easy to Use

It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use with simple technic with a head where in the extended strip runs inside through the head and gets locked at the desired point with a firm clutch and does not allow loosening the grip as it has a flexible section of band with teeth.


The longevity of these ties being anywhere from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 10 years if exposed to the outside elements. But that is for high quality, black colored cable ties. When you have white cable ties, the use is disposed to be much less, say one year. Tensile strength also matters a lot while the choice of this product.

Various sizes and shapes

It is available in many sizes and structures like moderate, standard, heavy and extra heavy duty designed based on their applications and uses. Cable ties are particularly made in black and UV for external or outdoor uses which are recommended by the certification agencies. Cable ties are also used as mechanical fasteners and connect components quickly. Nylon cable ties have various sizes in length and width, making suitable for various applications.

Gaining Popularity

Off late it is gaining mileage in decorative and shades segment which is an indication of nylon cable ties uses. It acts as a safety tag, safety seal, and supportive tag under industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Cable tie is also to a maximum a B2B product where dealers and distributors stock in this utility product for their business or for reselling which is scaling up the industries linked with nylon cable ties and its end users/application.

Manufactured as per the industry standards

The sizes of these ties are manufactured / maintained based on the industry standards and industry specific considering the various uses and applications pertaining to the market need. Ties tolerate temperatures to 185°F (85°C) and have a melting point of 495°F (257°C);  There is a minimum and maximum loop tensile strength for various sizes which is again defined by the industry standard or specifications. This strength is measured in units of KGF i.e. Kilogram force which is a metric unit of force. If you exceed the cable tie tensile strength then there are chances of the item fallingfrom where it has been protected or high.

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