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Loop Cable Ties

A simple and flexible product to organise the 3 to 4 cables behind your desks. These cables are durable and easy to unhook when compared to others which might be difficult to untie.

Loop Cable Ties

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Type 1

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Type 2

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Let’s learn more about Loop Cable Ties

This product comes with various specifications. It totally depends upon the applications. For instance, it would be great to use an 8 inch cable tie while dealing with home theatre and audio systems.

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Product Description

Imagine how warm and comfortable it would be when all the cables, cable tubes on the floor are managed and organised in an effective way. This is the function of the loop cable ties. It makes things convinient and helps organise all the cables together removing undtidiness at your home or office due to cable clutter. No more pets will try to chew your messy wires, loosely coupled cables and you don’t even have to worry too much about unnecessary things. These products are wider than you imagine and makes your office look much neater. Due to the double sided feature of the loop cable ties, cable management is simpler. These are ideal for use with telephone cables, optical fibres and network wires. A perfect and a temporary solution for prototype harnessing and outdoor applications. These products are widely used in wind solar sector, electronics and defence industry. Color coding the cables and wires are easier with these ties and are available in various colors, sizes and types.  We also offer customised solutions if ordered in larger quantities.These ties are reusable.

Features of Loop Cable Ties

  • Helps in wraping up two bundles with a single tie
  • Assists in preventing abrasion or chafing and even offers separation between bundles
  • Tensile strength  is 150 lb in case of heavy duty applications
  • It is considered as a universal product since it have a wide range of applications. Eg: network installs with the Flat Cable Lacing Panels, Flanged Lacing Bars, Cable Lacing Shelf, or any other messy cable area, including the jungle of cables typically behind your computer or TV counsel.



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