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Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties are natural and the most affordable products which are specifically used in indoor applications such as securing objects and bundling wires together.

Nylon Cable Ties

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Type 1

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Type 2

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Let’s learn more about Nylon Cable Ties

They are usually used in indoor applications because of its low smoke production capability and these ties meets the ROHS standards. They are also used in wall cable bundling.

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Product Description

These type of cable ties can also be used in outdoor applications but only as a temporary solution. This is because they donot provide UV protection. However, there are other types of Nylon Ties like UV Black Nylon Cable Ties which offer protection against UV rays and provide greater resistance in various weather conditions. They are cost effective and durable. Typically this is the most reliable method of securing any bundle of wires or other applications outdoor. These types of ties are also known as natural cable ties and in some cases it is even referred to as white cable ties.

Our product is not only available in various sizes ranging between 4 inches to 60 inches, but also available in numerous tensile breaking strengths. If you are in search of solutions that offer much more durability when compared to these, then you can go ahead and look for our other products such as releasable and loop cable ties. These products are virually incorruptible when they are exposed to sun/UV light/any weather conditions. These kind of products are frequently used in electronics and electrical applications in order to securely hold the cables and wires together. The permanent locking feature of these ties ensures that the cables and wires are held tightly and securely together. Installation of these products are very easy since these can be installed by hand. Otherwise, they can also be installed using optional tools which enables tightening of the wires. All the products are visually smooth and round at the edges which inturn removes the danger of damaging the wire’s insulation. Snaplock’s line of Nylon ties are usually manufactured from general purpose polyamide 6 or PA66 and UV stabilised LSF Zero Halogen (LSZH) black nylon 66. They offer versatile fastening and mounting choices for wire/cables. 

Nylon Cable Tie Features

  • Made up of Nylon 6-6 Material
  • They are available variouse tensile strengths including standard, Heavy Duty, & Extra Heavy Duty strangths.
  • Manufactured under stabilised temperature ranging between -40 to +185 F
  • Most commonly used in bundling of wires/cables indoor
  • Highly durable and extremely affordable
  • Easy installation



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