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Releasable Cable Ties

If you are dealing with cables and connections, this product is a must buy. These cables are reusable and helps you neatly organise messed up cables.

Releasable Cable Ties

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Type 1

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Type 2

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Let’s learn more about Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable cable ties acts as a temporary solution whenever there is a need to organise the cable and wires. These are available in a wide array of sizes, colours, materials and lengths.

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Product Description

Snap Lock’s Releasable cable ties are reusable and can be released easily just by pressing a latch. When you are working with cable which needs frequent changes, these kind of ties can be used. You don’t have to cut it when ever you want to release it.

Releasable cable ties are otherwise know as reusable cable ties since the wires or cables tied using them can be released easily without having to cut the ties. These ties range between 7mm to 150mm in length. The cables and wires behind your work-space or computer is no longer a mess. You can tie and place all the cables and wires together with these products. During a wiring process this product can be fixed in various angles. These type of solutions are used as a temporary fix or where regular changes are anticipated.


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