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Nylon 66 Cable Ties

Zero Halogen Nylon 66 material is used to manufacture these kinds of ties. These products meet the international standards and are ROHS/UL94-V2 certified.

Nylon 66 Cable Ties

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Type 1

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Type 2

Material – Steel

Length – 7-8 inch

Let’s learn more about Nylon 66 Cable Ties

Normally, hands are used while tensioning these ties and sometimes tensioning tools are used. Available in wide range of sizes and lengths, these solutions can be customized as per the clients’ needs.

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Product Description

Typically these products are used outdoor and in environmental conditions where temperatures ranges between -40°c to +85°C. Having extensive strengths and holding power these products doesn’t have a precise rating of strength since the ratings normally varies based on the size of the product. You don’t have to worry about the insulation damage of the wires and cables since these cable ties have rounded and smooth edges. The locking heads are secure and it enables bundling of the wires without the risk of slipping. Conventionally, these products are widely used in Commercial Manufacturing Agricultural Industries and Electrical Applications.

Designed to withstand heavy duty and rough installation practices which can usually happen during MRO and construction projects. Provide superior bundling capabilities, patronising tightness, peerless tensile strength, and exceptional flexibility. We recommend using these products in bundling wires, cables, or hoses. However, some retailers use these products in tying up the sacks and bags. Intermittently called as zip ties they can be easily installed by hand and are appropriate for the installation of cabling in and around the manufacturing process areas.



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